March 4, 2024

These grip tapes improve the stability of the bar.  GETTY IMAGES.
These grip tapes improve the stability of the bar. GETTY IMAGES.

Currently, there are many sports accessories that provide multiple benefits. In this article we will focus on the straps or grip tapes, which are used mainly in strength training in which weight lifting is carried out. The purpose of this accessory is to prevent the bar from slipping, improve its stability and traction, optimize grip strength and protect the wrists, hands and forearms during repetitions. Thus, training is much more effective, since they allow weight lifting to be achieved in a much safer way.

In addition, they also absorb sweat, so your hands will be firmer on the bar. The length of these grip tapes is designed to be able to be wrapped around the bar multiple times to get a good fit. A must have accessory for your strength training routine! And in this selection you will find four models, available on Amazon, so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Straps with more than 9,400 reviews

Get more strength and better performance when lifting weights with these grip tapes, also called straps. This accessory improves traction and is a great support that relieves the forearms during the lifts.

They are made of a high quality extra strong cotton fabric, with reinforced seams for greater durability. In addition, it incorporates a neoprene padding that avoids uncomfortable pressure points.

Identification labels

Each of the grip tapes includes a label so you know which one corresponds to the right side and which one corresponds to the left side. This way you will get a symmetrical fit!

Straps with padded support

Achieve your goals effectively in your workouts with these grip tapes for weight lifting exercises. They are extra wide and protect the hands and wrists on every repetition.

You will enjoy great stability, since they prevent the bar from slipping, so they are ideal for both deadlifts, barbell rows or dumbbell squats.

Different colors

These padded grip straps are designed to provide better grip control, prevent injury, and improve stability. In addition, they are available in seven different colors.

Straps neoprene, various colors

Take the strain off your forearms and improve your grip on the bar with these straps, which are made of high quality cotton with neoprene padding. In addition, the seams are reinforced for greater durability.

They are very easy to use and thanks to their length they can be wrapped around the bar several times. They are available in a wide variety of colors and are easy to clean.

easy to fit

One of the advantages is that these grip tapes are very easy to use. In just four steps you will enjoy a good grip when performing your weight lifting exercises.

Heavy Duty Weight Lifting Straps

These grip straps provide additional support when lifting weights, since they incorporate pads that improve grip and stability. In addition, they protect the hands and wrists to prevent injuries.

The length of these straps it is 56 centimeters, so they can be wrapped several times around the bar. For durability, they are made of high-quality cotton.

absorb sweat

This accessory also absorbs sweat, so training sessions will be much more comfortable. This way the bar will not slip and the weight lift will be more efficient.

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