February 20, 2024

A year ago, Marta Bernadet and Ramon Bernadas did not know each other. She is from San Boi de Llobregat; he, from Sabadell. But last June, the Selectividad united them: both obtained the highest grade, a 10. But the bond has continued further, since both chose to study Medicine at Pompeu Fabra University, and during this last year they have shared a classroom, practices, as well as worries and joys. The young people explain to this newspaper how they experienced the tests a year ago and how their first year as university students has gone.

A year later, Marta remembers the Selectivity as a mixture of emotions: “On the one hand, pressure and nerves because it is an exam that can decide your future. It’s exhausting. But I also lived it calmly, because although it is so important, I also wanted to do Physiotherapy, so if I didn’t go into Medicine, I had an alternative. I liked both equally and I didn’t care where to go, which gave me peace of mind, ”recalls the young woman, who studied at the Salesians of Sant Boi, but she completed her Baccalaureate at the Salesians of Sant Vicenç dels Horts. For Ramon, the time that has passed since the tests “puts more magic into the experience than he really had, because he was stressful, but also very cool.”

For those who take the Selectivity this Wednesday -the tests will be held between June 7 and 9-, Marta has clear advice: “You have to go calmly, do not think that you are risking your whole life in the Selectivity, It’s just a test and they’ve done a lot so far. What really counts is what is in your hand, and that is the mentality with which you arrive at the exam”. Marta adds that, in the end, it is difficult for the tests to be a disaster “because they are easy and you have been practicing for them all year long”. Ramon, who studied at the Escola Pia de Sabadell, adds another trick: “Sleep well, this is essential to think critically during the exam and react quickly.”

The young man explains that he chose Medicine because it combines two of his interests: “a passion for science, but also treating people and helping them.” Ramon assures that, so far, neurology attracts him, but it is still too early to choose a specialty. “There are many that I still don’t know.” Nor is Marta clear, who shows interest in traumatology and physiotherapy. This comes from her childhood, when the student was passionate about soccer, but she injured her knees and had to undergo surgery and a long recovery.

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Like most young people, entering the university is a big change. Also for these two brilliant students. “You find yourself with a large volume of things to study, but at least the exams are grouped at a specific time and I like all the subjects a lot”, the young woman interjects. For Ramon, one of the biggest impacts is having to travel to Barcelona every day to study.

But the whims of fate brought them together in the same classroom. Both are studying together, and they even coincide in many practice groups because they have the same initial in their last name. “It’s very funny, we are also friends,” says Marta. “At first he was very curious and we talked about it, now we’ve gotten used to it,” adds Ramon. Their destinations are so coincidental that they even failed the first exam: a partial Anatomy.

They have also been doing a week-long internship together at CAP Larrad in Barcelona and at the Hospital del Mar, and they plan to take an Interrail trip this summer with other classmates.

And how do they see each other? “Ramon is a very good person, he is a piece of bread,” she says. “Marta does many things outside of the university, she is in many entities. She is very energetic, active and participatory, ”he concludes.

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