February 19, 2024

These models guarantee that the hair is soft and shiny.  GETTY IMAGES.
These models guarantee that the hair is soft and shiny. GETTY IMAGES.

Despite popular belief, hair does not get frizzy due to humidity: it gets frizzy because it lacks hydration, and the hair fiber expands looking for water and creating that ‘bloated’ effect. In addition to the multiple precautions that can be taken to avoid it (natural bristle brushes, nourishing masks…), technology can also be used. And, in this sense, hair dryers and irons with ionic technology are the most effective alternatives.

The best anti-frizz irons

For this comparison we have focused on hair straighteners with anti-frizz functions and technologies: Corioliss C3 (with an average rating of 8.75 points), GHD Original (8.5), Karmin G3 Salon Pro (7.75) and Termix Wild (8.75). All of them are professional models with high-quality plates that, depending on their characteristics, are better suited to one type of hair or another.

To assess them we have followed the same criteria as with the rest of the comparisons of irons that we have carried out in EL PAÍS Showcase:

  • Design. Its size and portability, as well as its finish.
  • plates. Size, material (titanium, ceramic), if they are tilting or not, how they slide through the hair…
  • Operating temperature. Not all models have a regulator and neither do they all work at the same temperature.
  • smoothing capacity. If they straighten in a single pass, the shine and softness they leave on the hair, the durability of the hairstyle, among others.
  • Ability to curl. The design of the irons can greatly influence their ability to create curls and waves. What finish do they leave and how long does the hairstyle last?
  • Additional characteristics. Technologies to protect hair, accessories included…

During the tests we have used each of the irons on three different hair characterized precisely by its frizz, and both to straighten and curl, always applying a thermal protector: one thick, one medium and one fine.

The best hair straightener for frizzy hair

Despite the tie in the evaluations between the Termix Wild and Corioliss C3 hair straighteners, we have considered the Termix model as the winner of the comparison due to its great versatility and, above all, because it accompanies good performance and a substantial reduction in frizz. the best value for money in comparison.

Termix Wild hair straightener: our choice and best value for money


Its tourmaline-coated ceramic tilting plates have ionic properties, which prevent frizz and leave hair softer. With 24 mm width, its temperature is adjustable between 150 and 230º. This wide spectrum means that it adapts very well to both fine and thick hair and, even, that we can use it for treatments. To highlight, it must be said that it manages to smooth with a single pass, eliminating any trace of frizz, and that the durability of the hairstyle is also very high. It also stands out when it comes to making waves, especially thanks to its rounded edges.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 3.1 x 26 x 3 centimeters.
  • Plates: mixture of ceramic and tourmaline, rockers, ionic properties.
  • Tilting plates: Yeah.
  • Temperature: from 150ºC to 230ºC
  • Others: Includes toiletry bag, 3-meter swivel cord, automatic shutdown.

Equipped with a swivel cord that is secured with velcro when not in use, some caution must be taken when used for a long time, as it tends to get quite hot. After 60 minutes of inactivity, it turns off automatically. It comes with a thermal protector for the plates and a travel case.

  • The best: It adapts to all types of hair and offers great durability in the hairstyle.
  • Worst: It gets hot after it’s been on for a while.
  • Conclusion: The combination of tourmaline and ceramic of its plates, added to an adjustable temperature depending on the thickness of the hair, leave the locks very polished and a hairstyle with great durability.

Corioliss C3 hair straightener: the alternative


They are especially interesting for very long hair, thanks to the very large polished titanium plates (measuring 2.2 x 11.5 centimeters) that allow you to grasp large strands of hair. These plates also include silver particle nanotechnology, an infrared heat system, and negative ions, so they manage to tame frizz in a single pass.

It allows you to adjust the temperature (135º, 180º, 210º and 235º) by pressing some physical buttons located on its side and that are blocked so that it is not accidentally changed during use. To put a hitch, an intermediate temperature between 135º and 180º is missing, which other models do have. The results are very positive on all hair types: it is very polished, shiny and soft. This effect lasts over time and only after the second day do we begin to notice that the ‘smooth plank’ is lost and the first ripples appear.

GHD Original Hair Straightener


It is the update of the first GHD, which retains its discreet and elegant design and two tilting ceramic plates with ionic technology. Its use is the easiest of all, because it does not have temperature regulation. Just plug it in, press its only button and wait less than 30 seconds for it to reach the 185º at which it works (a beep sounds to let you know it’s ready); the ideal temperature to get a good shape but not to damage the hair, according to the firm. The truth is that, as with all its irons, it is ideal for people with medium-thick hair: if they have very fine hair, 150 degrees is probably enough and, in the case of very thick and curly hair, they need more heat to obtain proper results.

In medium-thickness hair, as we say, with a single pass they are very ready, shiny and soft. It is also good for making waves, thanks to its rounded barrel that makes it easy to glide the hair. For the rest, note that it does not heat up in its outdoor area and that it comes without accessories.

Karmin G3 Hair Straightener Salon Pro


Its tilting ceramic and tourmaline plates heat up in just 10 seconds, with the possibility of regulating the temperature through a wheel located on the inside of the iron between 120º and 240º. It is not the best system, since it does not look very good and there is a risk of changing it inadvertently. It is not the only thing that could be improved in its design, with a ‘more plastic’ finish than the competition’s models, and with a tendency to snag the finest hair. That said, it integrates negative ions and infrared heat to reduce static electricity, while an ionic technology concentrates natural oils and a micro-pore technology concentrates moisture, according to the firm’s description.

With a worldwide voltage of 100-240V, which allows it to be used in any country, it is especially interesting for straightening and for those who seek a natural result rather than a ‘smooth table’. After 1 hour it turns off automatically and includes a heat resistant case.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of October 2, 2022.

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