February 20, 2024

With 11 centuries of history and surrounded by a forest

It is not easy to find a property that contains more than 120 rooms, a living space greater than 5,000 square meters or five stairs. The house, which sells for 18 million euros, is atypical. This is the Château de Verdière, a French building listed as a historical monument dating from the 10th century and which over time has been the residence at some point of some of the most influential noble dynasties in Provence. The house, located in the Verdon natural park, in the village of La Verdière, and surrounded by a 6.5-hectare forest, is spread over five levels connected by an elevator and five stairs. It offers all the comforts of a contemporary residence, since the current owner acquired the property and restored it.

It has 120 rooms, 25 of them with private bathroom; three kitchens, several libraries and a ballroom. It houses finishes that date back to the Renaissance period, the walls are adorned with tapestries and stucco decorations are a constant. The castle is known for its 18th century plasterwork, considered one of the best and largest examples of its kind in France. Outside, the French-style gardens stand out, with fountains, statues and a greenhouse, as well as an Olympic-sized arena, a helipad, two swimming pools, a spa and more than three hectares of land suitable for planting vineyards. Less than an hour’s drive from Marseille and about 90 minutes from Saint-Tropez and Cannes, the property has panoramic views of the Provençal countryside.

  • Situation: La Verdiere (France)
  • Surface: Plot of 6.5 hectares and 5,000 meters built
  • State: Well
  • Price: 18 million euros
  • Phone: +33 (0) 493 68 64 72

Colonial style in Valdemarín

At first glance, the house has a colonial style reminiscent of Mexican haciendas, although in reality it presents a mixture of styles that gives it personality. The house, renovated and with three floors, stands in the Madrid neighborhood of Valdemarín, next to Aravaca, near the Puerta de Hierro golf club and a few minutes from El Pardo and Casa de Campo. Upon entering, there are several living rooms with fireplaces and large windows, two bedrooms on suite room overlooking the garden, kitchen with office, pantry and utility room. Through the kitchen you can access both the back of the garden and the dining room. The second floor is reached by an American oak staircase. There are three ensuite bedrooms and the suite room main (with living room with fireplace, dressing room and travertine marble bathroom of 18 square meters). The tower is a studio-workshop with views of the skyline Madrid and a solarium. The garden has consolidated vegetation and an Ibizan-style pool. It has a paddle tennis court and basketball.

  • Situation: Madrid
  • Surface: Plot of 2,500 square meters and 740 built
  • State: Well
  • Price: €2.95 million
  • Phone: 913 88 97 74

House bathed by the Mediterranean in Tamarit

The original house was built in 1998 in a pine forest that surrounds a castle, that of Tamarit, a coastal town bathed by the Mediterranean. It was then expanded and completely renovated in 2015, combining elements vintage and modern. The house, with double-height ceilings, has six bedrooms (three of them on suite room), lounge, library, dining room and parking, as well as several covered porches and terraces with views of the sea and the garden with swimming pool. All of the woodwork and wrought iron work was done by local craftsmen and some unique pieces were incorporated, such as a 19th century marble Pompadour fireplace, a 19th century French double sink and solid oak doors. The large wooden floors were imported from the Netherlands.

  • Situation: Tamarit (Tarragona)
  • Surface: Plot of 1,090 square meters and 492 built
  • State: Well
  • Price: €1.85 million
  • Phone: 977 07 96 00

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