March 4, 2024

A person cuts some tomatoes using a Santoku-type knife, on a wooden board.
A person cuts some tomatoes using a Santoku-type knife.

Among the most recurring childhood memories is, without a doubt, that of the sharpener, who announced his presence through the streets of any city by playing a characteristic instrument that responds to the names of whistle, pan flute or whistle of the sharpener; a trade that, in fact, still survives in some places. That, of course, was long before our homes (and cooking shows) went international with utensils and tools from all corners of the world, from the wok to the tajine, the bamboo steamer or exceptionally sharp knives such as Santoku.

His name literally means “three virtues” and it refers to its suitability both for cutting, chopping or filleting everything that is placed in front of it, be it vegetables, meat or fish. It is the Japanese version of the traditional chef’s knife, although with some differences: they are lighter and shorter than these and have less curvature, although enough to allow the typical “cradle cut” movement. Today we bring you one of the best rated Santoku knives on Amazon: that of Imarku.

Why buy a Santoku?

The edge quality It is not the only argument that justifies its well-earned popularity among cooking fans. We are talking about a stainless steel knife with a Great value for the price (in addition to being currently on sale) and which, due to its versatility, is ideal for cutting any type of fruit, vegetable, meat or fish. It has a length of 18 cm. (the most common measurements are between 16 and 18), a thickness of 2.5 mm. and honeycomb spaces along the edge, designed to allow air to enter and prevent food from sticking to its surface.

A Santoku knife, next to two beef steaks.  Due to its characteristics, this knife is ideal for processing any food.
The Santoku knife is ideal for cutting meat and any other type of food.

The professional polishing of this knife makes it sharper than others, and it responds well even “to the rigors of hard use in restaurants,” according to the brand. Technology reaches the design of its handle, made with pakkawood (Pakka wood and resin), a compound resistant to heat and humidity that gives it greater resistance. “A round 10 for this knife (…). They are precise, they cut everything, they don’t dull and the quality of the handle is great”, says an Amazon shopper. This product accumulates more than 18,700 reviews on Amazon, and has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Another of the added advantages of this knife is that, being designed with a greater than average width, it allows it to be used as a palette to transfer the food that has been finished processing. And, if you are thinking of giving it to someone as a gift, it is worth remembering that this knife is shipped in an elegant, high-quality black box.

Remember: maintenance is important

In any case, enjoying maximum durability also requires following the recommended guidelines for optimal maintenance. Among them, as the Tecnófilo website recalls:

  • To wash it, use a sponge instead of scouring pads, so as not to scratch or damage it.
  • Make sure you dry it completely.
  • Do not use it to cut on hard surfaces such as marble or steel. Try doing it on a softer cutting board.
  • Store it in a case or a place where there are no shocks, to prevent its blade from rubbing against other knives or utensils that could scratch it.
  • keep it sharp
  • Enjoy!

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