September 24, 2023

Extreme physical exercise, age and accidents are some of the main causes of muscle pain, these discomforts that if not treated in time can become serious problems. Many people try to combat these pains with medicines, creams or manual massages, and sometimes the pain disappears, but there are healthier alternatives to help in this type of case. Massages are a good option, but even more so if they are professional, such as those that a TENS device can give you, which also uses electrical stimuli.. For this reason, today at Escaparate we want to show you how to perform the best muscle therapy at home with this TENS electrostimulator.

Beurer EM 49 TENS electrostimulator

With this TENS electrostimulator you will get a comprehensive solution for relieve muscle pain and relax your body without medication. This device has become one of Amazon’s best sellers, all thanks to its power and effectiveness in terms of electrostimulation. This device can be used mainly to relieve or reduce muscle pain without the need to take medication, in addition to helping muscle stimulation and regeneration. On the other hand, you can de-stress without having to leave the house, since this electrostimulator has a relaxing massage function.

What are the functions of this TENS electrostimulator?

Below we are going to describe the three main functions of this TENS muscle electrostimulator device, which can become a before and after in your life, helping you alleviate those aches and pains in your body.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS): With the use of this device you will get the muscles to contract and relax in a natural way, so that daily performance, resistance and the regeneration of some muscle areas will be favored.

Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS): It has been scientifically proven that, through electrical impulses, the transmission of pain signals to the brain can be suppressed. It is an ideal electrostimulator for injuries, chronic pain or cramps, it will help you improve these conditions without having to take medication.

Relaxing massages: You will no longer need to go to a specialized center for your body to relax, with the massages provided by this device you will be able to relieve fatigue, tension and help muscle regeneration.

TENS unit for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease that can be felt throughout the body, but whose cause has not yet been found. reason why there is no effective cure. This device could help reduce the ailments of this disease, especially in the area of ​​the trunk and extremities. It should be noted that each case and each body is a different world, and it is not possible to predict exactly in what percentage these electrical stimulations can help with respect to this disease. What is true is that this electric muscle treatment is characterized by having very few side effects, so It is an excellent option to try in cases of people with fibromyalgia.

What does this TENS unit include?

It is important to know that this device has several functions and includes accessories to make everything easier, you can get relief from muscle pain without leaving home. Next we will tell you what this TENS unit includes:

– 2 channels that are separately adjustable, each with 4 electrodes.

– You will enjoy 6 programs that you can customize (TENS and EMS).

– 64 applications that are already pre-established (TENS, EMS and massage).

– It has a function called “Doctor’s Function” that you can use to carry out a personalized therapeutic program.

– It has a timer function.

– It has a blue LCD screen.

– It has a completely ergonomic design, so it can be handled comfortably, it also has a clip that you can put on your belt.

Leave those muscle pains behind and enjoy life

Although electrostimulation does not replace daily muscle training, it does serve as an ideal complement to help your muscles become stronger and more resistant. With this TENS unit you can relieve your muscle pain without having to resort to medication, you will complement your muscle training and will also help you relax your whole body. Do not think about it anymore, it is an intelligent investment that will allow you to have a better quality of life, and that you can fully enjoy your day to day.

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