February 19, 2024

These types of cameras can be controlled from the mobile and allow you to receive notifications and alerts.  GETTY IMAGES.
These types of cameras can be controlled from the mobile and allow you to receive notifications and alerts. GETTY IMAGES.

If you want to protect your home in a practical and economical way, indoor surveillance cameras are an ideal option. These smart devices can be connected to the mobile and controlled remotely for greater convenience. In addition, you will be able to see the images in real time of what is happening in any room of the home from your smartphone and receive notifications and alerts. Most models come equipped with Wi-Fi, high-definition images and infrared night vision, ideal for night or low-light situations.

And from THE COUNTRY Showcase We have made a selection with the five best-rated indoor surveillance cameras on Amazon. An example is this TP-Link TAPO camera that has more than 85,800 ratings and 4.6 stars out of 5. “The camera is wonderful. You control it completely from your mobile and the angle of rotation is very large, you can even install it on the ceiling”, Comment this user.

Surveillance camera with more than 85,800 reviews

This smart device features an innovative design that allows you to capture images with high definition (1080 pixels). In addition, it has a horizontal movement of up to 360 degrees and a vertical movement of 114 degrees, as well as motion detection and instant alarms. “The camera is connected by WiFi and can be controlled from the mobile with an application”, this client stands out. It incorporates two-way audio, privacy mode and advanced night vision. And the best thing is that it is very easy to use.

Surveillance camera with two-way audio

It incorporates infrared night vision that provides very clear and sharp real-time images even in low light conditions. “I was surprised by the quality of the image at night, it looks perfect”, explains this user. It supports WiFi and is compatible with Alexa and the Google assistant. It comes equipped with a microphone and speaker and the ability to make calls just by touching the green button. Images can be stored in the cloud or on a micro SD card for added security. It also features smart motion tracking and a safe mode for when you don’t need to use the camera.

Surveillance camera with secure image storage

Protect your home with this Wi-Fi security camera that’s compatible with Alexa. You will be able to see the live images with high quality both day and night, as well as receive notifications in real time on your mobile. Includes motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio. Also, recordings can be stored securely on the micro SD card or in the cloud with encryption.

high definition surveillance camera

The 360-degree movement that this indoor surveillance camera with Wi-Fi presents to see what is happening at all times stands out. Also, as soon as the camera detects movement, it starts recording and sends a notification to the mobile to see what is happening. Images can be stored on an SD card (not included) or in the cloud and incorporates infrared vision, ideal for providing clear images at night. “Good image quality. Quick and easy setup”highlights this client.

Xiaomi surveillance camera

The Xiaomi firm has equipped this surveillance camera that offers ultra HD image resolution to capture more detailed images. It is compatible with Alexa and the Google assistant for better stability. Includes a swivel base for convenience and 360 degree pan and 108 degree tilt. Includes motion sensor, two-way audio and infrared night vision.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of May 3, 2023.

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