February 20, 2024

“I earn 30,000 euros a month selling photos of my feet.” This was stated by a girl in a video that went viral on TikTok just a few weeks ago. If we look for information on the subject on the internet, millions of results and headlines appear like: “I sell photos of feet, it’s easy and I receive many strange requests” or “The business of selling photos of feet that is sweeping the internet.” However, only a few articles try to put some sense to the subject and raise doubts about this business. Because earning thousands of euros a month selling foot photos sounds like a new urban legend, like Ricky Martin, the jam and the dog.

Selling photos or videos of feet has become a new trend on the networks. There are even pages specialized in it that put sellers in contact with buyers. Typically, those are the genders of each role: women sell and men buy. The latter are usually people with a fetish for this part of the body, that is, there is a sexual objective that is to get excited with these images. On the other hand, anyone can take photos of her feet and put them up for sale. In addition, it can be considered that it is only a few feet, it is not as intimate as other parts of the body, and it is possible to appear in the image without showing the face. Easy hook for young women (and not so young) who can see in it a way to earn an income. But is it that simple and profitable?

Jaime has been a regular buyer of this type of photos for some time. In a month he can spend about 120 euros. The most he has paid at one time was 340 euros for six photos of a celebrity. In his opinion, for a woman to be able to earn thousands of euros a month, he must have worked very hard before, building a solid image on social networks. “For someone who has just started, it is difficult,” he says.

If you take a look at a specialized page like FeetFinder, the prices per photo range between 5 and 40 euros. Jaime confirms these figures: “It usually ranges between 10 and 30 euros per image if they are not models and between 20 and 45 if they are. Some women with low volume of followers on Twitter or Instagram can charge 10 euros for a picture of just the soles or just the toes.” With that basic price, you would have to sell 100 photos to get 1,000 euros, 3,000 for 30,000 euros.

However, not all photos are priced equal. Jaime gives a first clue to increase the price: to be known, at least in the world. Carlos is a foot fetishist and agrees with his colleague on the importance of dedication. “It is not enough to upload a couple of photos and get paid, but you have to do a good promotion management through different social networks: upload photos, videos, stories, reels… to draw the attention of those of us who enjoy this fetish”. In addition, add another factor: innovation. “I don’t think uploading regular content is enough, you have to add a touch of innovation,” she reflects. “If someone posts content in different places, with different angles, showing different parts of the foot, role-playing, for example, I think it can do very well.”

Here too there are different tastes. There are people who prefer feet with a lot of arches, flat feet, with long fingers, more fleshy, with ballerina shoes, stepping on fruit, among many other possibilities. It could be said that every foot has its audience, you just need to find it. “I like to see photos of the soles and toes, as well as the face. That’s why I ask that the photo be taken in front of a mirror. I am not interested in buying photos without a face”, says Jaime. “Because the person shows his face and breaks his anonymity, some refuse. And those who agree ask for more money, ”he details. The price may also increase if the model wears underwear, if she is shown in certain poses or if she complies with a specific request. “I have seen some models charge around 90 euros for a short video of them simulating a footjob (masturbation done with the feet) on a dildo”. Therefore, the more specific the photo is and the more requirements it meets, the more amount can be requested.

I like to see pictures of the soles and toes, as well as the face. That’s why I ask that the photo be taken in front of a mirror. I’m not interested in buying faceless photos

Jaime, foot fetishist and photo buyer

We must also take into account a factor that affects the business: competition. On the one hand, you can find millions of free feet photos and videos on the net. And, on the other hand, the more people decide to sell their images, the more difficult it will be to find a buyer and the more likely the price will drop. It is simply the law of supply and demand.

Foot fetishism, the erotic behind the business

Thanks to the more open view of sexuality that we currently have, visibility has been given to other ways of enjoying it. Fetishism, that is, feeling erotic attraction towards a specific object or part of the body, is one of them. And the taste for feet is the most popular of all, as confirmed by the study Relative prevalence of different fetishes published in February 2007.

Even so, there are a few myths regarding this erotic taste. One of them is the one that describes fetishists as peculiar people with a certain obsession with that part of the body. Some of that underlies the rise of this business: upload photos of your feet and live. This is what Carlos comments when talking about the need to innovate in the material: “It’s about changing the somewhat superficial approach that fetishists only like to see feet and that’s it.”

There are people who prefer feet with a lot of arches, flat feet, with long toes, more fleshy, with ballerina shoes, treading on fruit... Every foot has its audience.
There are people who prefer feet with a lot of arches, flat feet, with long toes, more fleshy, with ballerina shoes, treading on fruit… Every foot has its audience.Dancu Aleksandar (Getty Images)

Indeed, this naive idea that anyone can make a lot of money selling photos of their feet is an oversimplification of fetishism. Under this false premise, fetishists jump headfirst at any foot stimulus, to pay for anything. And it is not like that. In general, they are people with criteria and tastes who value more than just a few feet. They value the whole person, just like everyone else, only that, in addition, they pay attention to the lower part of the body.

In short, there is demand, there is supply and there may be business. But without falling into simplicities or easy money. It is not the goose with the golden feet.

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