April 20, 2024


There are days when we hardly have time to have breakfast or to prepare something elaborate and nutritious, so we take the first thing we see, usually it is bread or something from the street. Fortunately, there are kitchen gadgets that make our lives easier and allow us to live a healthy life. We are talking about personal blenders, with which we can prepare all kinds of smoothies, juices, smoothies or nutritional drinks to perform throughout the day.

In EL PAÍS Showcase we have found the hamilton beach personal blender Amazon’s favorite, perfect for preparing our daily smoothies for breakfast and having the necessary energy to carry out our daily activities. They exceed 4,000 ratings.

compact design

With this blender we will not need to run away with the first thing we see on the kitchen table, because being personal, compact, light, and resistant we can prepare healthy drinks and take it with us wherever we go, like the office or the gym. All you have to do is pour the fruits or vegetables you want, as well as the liquid of your choice, crush them and drink from the device.

“I have been using this product for over a year and it works great. I love to do smoothies above all. I have not had problems of any kind”, says the user Eleazar.

For her part, the user Mayra considers that it is useful and rates it with five stars, because “I love it! Every day I make my smoothie with banana and strawberries and it is perfect. What I like the most is that I don’t dirty another glass and that I take it to work”.

individual mixes

The small Hamilton Beach blender, with a 14 oz. capacity, allows you to customize your shakes or drinks, try new flavors, new mixes and combine what you prefer. Has stainless steel blades long-lasting and, thanks to its pulse blending action, you have what it takes to prepare a variety of juices, shakes, smoothies and much more. Its efficient 175-watt motor provides all the power you need for fast, reliable performance.

“This is a great product, just what I needed for my quick and easy smoothies. It doesn’t make noise. It is small and practical. The glass is resistant and can be drunk directly from there”, says Márcelo Cárdenas.

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