April 19, 2024


In the early years of Presumptos Implicados, Sole Giménez (Paris, 1963) would gather her friends from Fine Arts in a room and make them rate their songs before presenting them to the company. As if it were the final phase of a contest. Because when you write about your own story, it costs a lot, he says, to be objective.

“It’s funny because I remember my friends As we have changed they liked it a lot and, however, it was not one of my favorites of all the songs I had written… In the end, it ended up being the single and what happened happened”, he remembers with a smile in the video of this new episode of story of a song.

And what happened was that this song, composed together with his brother Juan Luis Giménez, became one of the great successes of this mythical band of the late eighties, managing to connect in a special way with the public. “I tell the story of a lost friendship, although to this day I don’t really understand what happened,” he explains in the video. “We have all lost a friend without knowing why, although many people also identified it with separating from a partner,” the singer-songwriter clarifies.

Since 1991, many things have changed in Spain, but how has Sole Giménez changed? “Today I hear the songs from the first albums and I think: ‘What a serious girl!’ The responsibility weighed so heavily on me, doing it well, the perfectionism that has always accompanied me… All my music and also this song have gained joy, less weight, over the years”, explains the singer-songwriter who has just published Celebration!the album recorded live with which he commemorates forty years in music.

What is the story of As we have changed? How and why did Sole Giménez compose it? What has this great success meant in his career? Sole Giménez reflects on these and other issues in the interview for Historia de una canción, an audiovisual format from EL PAÍS through which artists such as Fito, Rozalén, Ariel Rot, Pablo Alborán, Víctor Manuel, Álvaro Urquijo, Vanesa Martín, Mocedades, Antonio Carmona, Alex Ubago and Mikel Erentxun, among others, have passed.


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